Saturday, 26 May 2012

Teapots and Twirls

Morning everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine so far this week. I've not made it out of bed yet today, but I can tell its another lovely day. I think Hugo (my kitten) can tell it is too, he's miaowing from the attic tells me he wants me to get up, it does get warm up there! He's been out in the garden this week, eating grass and discovering new things. I live on a fairly busy road, and it's a gradual process letting him explore incase he gets a bit keen and runs into the road.

Enough about kitties, back to crafting. I'm attending an event today in Armley in Leeds, called Teapots and Twirls. I don't know much about the event, apart from it involves dancing, tea and cake. Sounds a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I saw on Twitter that they were looking for crafty people to sell things, so I jumped at the opportunity, and offered to bring my Jubilee cards for people to make, with a range of cards to sell too. Hopefully it will go well, there will be plenty of people to chat to and share Stampin' Up! with.

I'll drop by later to let you know how it went. Have a nice day whatever you're up to.


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