Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jubilee Cards


I know I have posted today already, but I wanted to share with you the cards that I made with my card class last night.  I didn't have too many signed up for the class this time, but carried on regardless.  I hold the class at Dock Street Market in Leeds, and for anyone that's not been it's a really nice bar/cafe/deli/bakery/meeting place.  It's great for social groups to meet, last night there was Yarnia, a knitting group, Maths Jam, a maths and puzzles group, Meeples, a board games group, and my Stampin' Up! card class.  Lots of people stopped by the table to see what we were doing, and everyone loved the cards.  I knew a few friends were there at the various clubs, and I offered a drop in "pay as you go" style, so if anyone just wanted to make one card, they could do that.  A few further opportunities may have come out of last night for me, so watch this space while I arrange exciting things!

I'll be doing detailed posts about each of the cards below, over the weekend, so keep an eye out if you want to learn more about them and see a few more pictures.

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  1. These cards are lovely! I would love to join you in the future and have a tea pot cocktail too!


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