Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Meet Larry & Gary

I'd like you to meet one of my first sewing creations - Larry the Lamb.  He's been part of the family for a few years now, although I think it did take me about a year to finish him! He's from the Tone Finnanger Tilda books range - Crafting Springtime Gifts.  I have all of her books, and I love sitting looking through them. I do have a bad habit of buying craft books, and doing just the reading, so I was pleased that I actually made something from this book.

Larry is made from a hand towel, a white one from John Lewis, he's a posh lamb!  The instructions were really easy to follow, and the sewing bits were too, although I preferred the machine stitching of the body to the slightly fiddly hand sewing to attach the feet to the legs, the hands to the arms, the arms to the body and the ears to the head.  I'd seen some slightly dodgy attempts on the Internet, and I wanted mine to turn out as cute as they were in the book. 

Larry was eyeless for many months, I never got round to finishing him off.  He's got eyes now, but they are just glass headed pins, so he's not a very child friendly toy. 

He's been on a few trips away with me, here he is coming on a car journey with me.

Larry ready in the back of the car to go on his holidays.

Larry sat on the wall over looking Scotland.

Larry looking sad out of the window when he was left in the hotel for the day.

Larry with his Christmas Santa hat on.

Larry having a sit in the rosemary bush outside.  Mmmmm lamb and rosemary mmmmm!

This is Larry putting on his jumper that Judith (my sister) made for him.

The ball of wool that Larry's jumper was made from was bigger than he was!

This is the beginnings of Gary.  This is the easy part of making the lambs, the pieces that are sewed on the machine. Gary was Judith's creation, I think she enjoyed the cutting and machine stitching but then gave up when it got to the fiddly bits of attaching the arms and legs, so I've just finished him off recently for her.

Here he is stuffed, but with no ears or arms attached yet. He's lovely and plump, it was very funny when Judith was trying to get his stuffing in the right places and then massaging him to get it all even.

Finally, here's a picture of the finished Gary. I hope he gets to go on as many outings as Larry has been on.

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