Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crochet Granny Square

This is a late post from me, but I've made something tonight I was pleased about, so thought I'd share it. I managed to drag myself out of the house this evening, I've become a bit of a hermit recently, and have been enjoying the crafting and watching 24, and of course, playing with the new kitty! But seeing as Spring is here, I thought it was time to stop hibernating and get out again to socialise. So I went to Yarnia, a knitting/crochet craft group who meet at Dock Street Market, Leeds. For research purposes, I thought I should sample their tea pot cocktails, seeing as this is the venue for my craft classes that are starting soon! I can confirm the one I had was delicious, and seemed to last forever. At half price too, what a bargain! It was nice to see lots of familiar faces, as there was the Maths Jam group (a maths puzzle solving group) and Leeds Letters (a letter writing club) there too. I love that such diverse groups exist, and that places like Dock Street really encourage people to have such gatherings at their venue. I'm very excited now about my classes! Can't wait. There's still spaces available, so just contact me if you fancy coming along.

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