Sunday, 29 January 2012

New addition to the family

I knew that when I joined Stampin' Up! I'd make lots of new friends and do plenty of crafting, but I never imagined I'd be getting a new kitty from signing up as a demonstrator!  A few weeks ago, I saw this picture on Shazza Barraclough's Facebook page (a fellow demonstrator), and left a comment about how cute he was and he could come and lie on my craft desk.

 A few days later, I opened my messages to see a comment left for me asking me if I'd like to take him in.  I went to see him last Sunday, and fell in love with him straight away.  He's settling in nicely now, and my other cat Rusty, is starting to get used to him, although there's still some hissing and growling!  I'd forgotten how energetic kittens are, and he's certainly providing lots of entertainment.  He likes crafting too, which is clearly a good thing in my house!  I've called him Hugo.

Here he is meeting Rusty - they look like they are getting on, but you can't see what happened next on this picture! I'm sure they'll get on eventually.

No doubt he'll sneak into future blog posts with his antics!

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