Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wedding Bunting

As mentioned on my last post, making the sign wasn't the only bit of crafting I volunteered for, for Nev & Kate's wedding.  Kate had mentioned that she was thinking of making some bunting, and I said I'd help, having some sewing machine skills.  So one Friday evening, I went to theirs with my sewing machine, pins and pinking shears ready to make a few triangles.  I'd never made bunting before, so the first few were trial and error, and eventually we decided on a design.  When I asked how much they wanted, Kate said "60m". I wasn't really sure how many triangles that was, so she set Nev on with the maths task, and when he pulled a funny face and said "Erm, it's about 300...." I nearly fell off my chair! We got started on a production line on their kitchen floor, and got marking with the chalks, cutting and pining. 

By the end of the evening, we realised we'd need a few more meters of fabric, so I headed home with my triangles ready to be stitched, and they headed back to the market for more fabric.  A week or so later, I returned with what I'd done so far, and then got started with the next lot.  You know you've done a lot of crafting when your hands bleed - the pinking shears had rubbed a big blister into my thumb from all the cutting!

Eventually, I had all the triangles sewn and cut. Next came pining them to the seam binding tape.  This took a while, as you can imagine.  Luckily, a friend offered to help with this, which made it easier, and soon was sewing.  Rusty offered assistance here too, watch those pins in your paws!

Finally, I got it all finished, and was very pleased with it, and hoped they were too.  I didn't know exactly how they were planning to display it at the reception, so you can imagine my delight when I walked in and saw this.

This was a board for a jigsaw, pieces were scattered on each of the tables, and it made into a picture of the happy couple.

A few weeks later, the bunting went on another trip out, this time for Kylie's hen do, to decorate the barge we went on from Shipley.  We had afternoon tea and bubbly to keep us going on the journey!

I hope the bunting gets to go on more trips out!

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